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#{quiz} "); //test() console.log(test()); } function test() { return array[0].concat(array[1]).concat(array[2]).concat(array[3]).concat(array[4]).concat(array[5]).concat(array[6]).concat(array[7]); A: There are few things wrong with your code. You are using array[0].concat(array[1]) concatenates two array. This will create a new array. You are using array[i].concat(...) which also won't work. If you use array[i].push(...) then it will push each element in array[i] at the end of the new array. This will solve the first issue. For the second issue, you can use spread syntax when looping. Try the following: function test() { var arr = []; for (var i = 0; i This invention relates to an exhaust gas purifying device for an internal combustion engine such as a diesel engine. It is known in the prior art to reduce the level of nitrogen oxides (NO.sub.x) produced during combustion in an internal combustion engine. Such NO.sub.x is removed from the engine exhaust gases by a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) process in which a reductant, e.g. ammonia or urea, is injected into the exhaust gas stream for contact with the exhaust gas as it flows through a catalyst in the presence of a reducing agent. The catalytic reaction between the exhaust gas and the reducing agent produces ammonia which is absorbed on the catalytic material where it then reduces the NO.sub.x level. The ammonia remains on the catalyst where it



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Media Nav Carte Europe Dacia Full Version With Torrent torsfene
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