Sandal tree extract stimulates the scalp speeding the delivery of D-Biotin, vital nutrients and essential micro minerals to the cellular rejuvenation zone of hair. D-Biotin supports the process of cellular generation for a healthy scalp and hair.






Works to reduce the causes of hair loss through stress, general health, the aging process and ultimately slowed cellular generation. Awaken Scalp Elixir can be used by women and men desiring a healthier scalp with fuller faster growing hair.

Awaken Elixir

  • Pre-Shampoo: Mist dry scalp and massage for 1 minute prior to Awaken Shampoo, Conditoner or Masque and Treatment.

    After-Shampoo: Apply light mist prior to Awaken Treatment

    Revitalize Scalp: On days between shampoos, lightly mist scalp and leave on.

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