• Devin

Stock up time!

It's That Time Again ...

And It Only Happens Once A Year! (July & August Only)

Save 25% when you pre-order your Surface Shampoo & Conditioner liter duo set today.  Liters will last much longer than the regular size on the shelves, an average of 9 months use - saving you $2.36 PER OUNCE!  This is a deal you do not want to miss.  Call the salon at your convenience to order (904)379-5349.

Pre-ordered liters will be arriving to the salon first thing in September.  With your purchase, feel free to stop by and pick up a free sample to ensure your hair is looking great until your order arrives.

Orders may also be made via email or in person at HN hair boutique.  It is our honor & privilege to serve you!

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