• Devin

Alcohol in my hair???

Most of us are very familiar with alcohol...

The majority of us understand alcohol is a “no-no” when it comes to natural hair products. But is this really true?

Not all alcohols are created equal.

Some alcohol can be very drying to our hair.

Some alcohols help with moisture and manageability of our hair. These particular alcohols, fatty alcohols, are emollients and they are known to soften our skin and hair. They provide glide and gloss to the hair shaft and allow us to detangle our hair better. In addition, they even help to smooth down damaged cuticles!

Here is a list of the most used fatty alcohols - the good ones - found in hair products: Cetyl, Stearyl, Cetearyl, Myristyl, Behenyl, Benzyl, SD Alcohol 40-B, Propylene glycol and Lauryl. These larger alcohols are typically derived from natural sources, and have 12 or more carbons per molecule. This higher amount of carbon content makes these molecules oilier, giving a smooth, soft feeling to the hair shaft by helping the cuticle to lie flat on the surface of the hair, locking in moisture.

So what type of alcohols are the "bad ones" for our hair??  Avoid these types of alcohols: Alcohol denat, Ethanol, SD Alcohol 40, Propanol, Isopropyl and Propyl. Constant use of these ingredients will leave your hair very dry, frizzy, and dull. For example, Isopropyl alcohol is drying and harsh to our hair. This type of alcohol is usually found in hair sprays and gels, as it dries faster on your hair. 


The explanation is a fairly simple one: some alcohols can cause dry, frizzy hair while others can act to condition your hair!


Deep-conditioning treatments are essential for anyone who has dry hair! We recommend coming to HN hair boutique for one each month, and during the other weeks to give yourself the treatment at home. You may also increase at home deep-conditioning treatments to twice a week if your hair feels brittle.  We love working with you to maintain and achieve healthy, shiny, beautiful hair!!