Conditioning Treatments

Purify Treatment -- $15

remove impurities from hair while maintaining moisture and strength. Includes scalp massage

Scalp Massage -- $15 pamper yourself with an extended scalp massage at your next visit

Awaken Scalp Facial -- $43

detoxify and rejuvenate your scalp! Includes scalp massage & blowout

Curls Moisture Bake Treatment -- $43

add moisture and hydration to hair, locking out frizz and humidity. Includes scalp massage

Maximum Repair Treatment -- $43

remove impurities, completely restore strength and moisture to hair while soothing. Includes scalp massage & blowout

Clarity Shine Treatment -- $40

eliminate free radicals, rebuild bonds and add shine that lasts 4 weeks! Includes scalp massage & blowout

Volume Treatment -- $43

double the diameter of each strand of hair, adding volume and fullness, using organically derived amaranth. Includes scalp massage & blowout

Growth Treatment Weekly Package -- $43

prolong the anagen stage of hair follicles, allowing hair to grow stronger, longer, faster. Includes scalp massage & blowout​​​​​

Curl Bake Moisture Treatment
Curl Deep Conditioning Treatment
Windswept Haircut
Max Repair Treatment
Volume Treatment

It is our pleasure to ensure your hair is in top-condition.  For your convenience, we offer a tremendous discount on our customizable deep conditioning treatments when you add one on to your next hair cut or hair color service.

​Curls Moisture Bake -- $25 when combined with an additional hair service

Awaken Scalp Facial -- $25 when combined with an additional hair service


Maximum Repair Treatment -- $25 when combined with an additional hair service


Clarity Shine Treatment -- $25 when combined with an additional hair service


Volume Treatment -- $25 when combined with an additional hair service

Conditioning Treatments Add On